About the Company

Swiss Bioscience GmbH (SBS) was established in 2014 in Switzerland and is specialised in producing  pharmaceutical quality grade stems cells under cGMP* conditions.  The cells are isolated from human adipose tissue to produce stromal vascular fraction (SVF) which is then purified and expanded to produce human adipose tissue derived stem cells (hADSCs).
The hADSC and SVF provided by SBS may only be used as a transplant product within the framework of a valid marketing authorization or within the framework of controlled clinical trials.
SBS pursues research and development in the domain of stem cells, create new cell therapy based modalities for human medical use. SBS’ research program is based on utilisation of the paracrine effect of stem cells and is aimed at developing therapeutics from extracellular vesicles extracted from stem cells.

* Current Good Manufacturing Practice

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