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The procedure itself requires two appointments. The first is a clinical consultation with a physician (30-60 min.). After your positive evaluation as a donor, the procedure of liposuction (fat harvest) and blood collection will be carried out in separate days. Each procedure will take a few hours. For both you need to visit our partner clinic in Zurich, Switzerland. Please, also take into account your travelling time to Zurich. You do not need to be present in our Company during the stem cell isolation.

The professional clinic personnel guided by a specialized physician (Aesthetic Surgeon) will choose the most optimal anaesthetic procedure for you. However, some discomfort may be felt and also some side effects of anaesthesia in the day of procedure may occur. Our partner clinic personnel will give you detailed information during consultation.

No. The required volume of adipose tissue (fat), which is about 250 ml is taken symmetrically, usually from abdominal part of the body by a specialized aesthetic surgeon. The intervention will almost not be visible. 

The only trace of the procedure will be a small puncture on both sides of the abdomen. The healing usually takes 1-2 weeks. The size of scars will make it hardly visible.

Yes, if you wish to do so. Please note the time and price of the procedure may increase. Contact us for more information. Our partner clinic will evaluate an extent of the liposuction and provide you more details concerning the liposuction.

Unfortunately not. Due to juristic regulations in Switzerland we are not allowed to take stem cells from persons below the legal age.

Yes. They are stored in temperature monitored gas phase liquid nitrogen tank equipped with temperature sensors and alarms. We also have a back up storage tanks and sample evacuation procedure in case of any technical problem. 

Unfortunately not. We reject infectious donors carrying hepatitis or any other infectious diseases. 

Your cells belong to you and we are just banking them for you, therefore, we will despatch your cells wherever in the World by a certified courier service under guaranteed transport conditions. However, the cells constitute an active pharmaceutical ingredient, not a product. Therefore, you need to be a part of any authorized clinical trial or destine your cells for further manufacturing procedure before treatment. 

In principle yes. Please, give detailed information about your current medication to the physician in our partner clinic. He will decide if there are any risks for you during procedure itself and we will evaluate possible difficulties during the extraction procedure itself. You can also send your medication list by email to us for compatibility evaluation. 

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