Information to Clinicians

SBS offers the following services to collaborating clinics:

  • Extraction and cryopreservation of Stromal Vascular fraction from lipoaspirates
  • Extraction, expansion, enrichment and cryopreservation of adipose tissue derived stem cells (hADSC) from lipoaspirates
  • We would collect the lipoaspirate (150-250 ml) from your clinic
  • SVF is produced within 24 hrs of collection of starting material
  • hADSC is produced within 2-3 weeks of collection of starting material

If your patients are having liposuction, for any reason, please advise them not to waste the fat, which will be usually discarded. Instead, get it processed at Swiss Bioscience to isolate, expand and bank their stem cells for future.


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