Key Personnel

Dr Mohi Rezvani

The founder, Chief Scientific Officer and member of SBS Board of Directors, Mohi Rezvani is the former director of the University of Oxford’s Research Institute at Churchill Hospital, Oxford. Mohi started his career in biology by studying the mechanisms of development and the treatment of radiation-induced normal tissue injuries in order to ameliorate radiation lesions caused by accidental exposure to ionising radiation or as side effects of radiotherapy of cancer. He investigated the potential and efficacy of a number of pharmaceuticals, plant extracts and stem cells as therapeutics. His main interest is development of stem cell based treatments particularly by utilisation of the paracrine effect of stem cells and sub-cellular substances such as extracellular vesicles.

Mohi is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (RSB). He is the former Chairman of the UK Radiation Research Society and the former President of European Radiation Research Society.

Dr. Karol Czaja Ph.D.

Dr. Karol G. Czaja, Senior Scientist and Production Director, received his Ph.D. for studying functions of natural killer cells at the Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel, Switzerland. He contributes with his experience from the field of oncology as a licensed hospital pharmacist, particularly in aseptic manufacturing process. He is also specialized in European pharmaceutical regulatory aspects of Good Manufacturing Practice production. His scientific interests involve mainly immunologic applications of stem cells (e.g. in autoimmune diseases) and drug hypersensitivity.

Ms. Belen Canto

Senior Laboratory Associate Ms. Canto, has vast experience in cell biology and production of stem cells. Belen is currently in charge of laboratory management and stem cell production. Her valuable background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has brought a different perspective and enhancements to the team’s strength and skills.

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